The Ultimate Research Day Challenge 2020

How well do you know study designs? Put your detective skills to the test and contribute to evidence generation.

What is the Ultimate Research Day Challenge?

It is a challenge among individual students to see who can screen the most number of abstracts to identify randomized controlled trials, using a platform known as Cochrane Crowd. Challenge Day is from 8 April 2020 (0000hrs – 2359hrs).

How does it work?

Cochrane Crowd aims to use everyday people to help identify and describe the research that may be very important in helping Cochrane to determine whether a treatment works, or whether a diagnostic test is accurate.

What do I have to do?

Your job is to read an abstract and decide whether it describes a randomized controlled trial. There are questions that would help you to decide. When you have made the decision, just click the answer. There is no right or wrong answer. After you have done one, move on to the next abstract and do the same. You may continue to go through as many or as little abstracts as you wish in one sitting and come back again when you are free.

For more details on Cochrane Crowd watch this or visit website.

Does my work matter?

Yes, it does! Read on for what others say about Cochrane Crowd:


Back to the Ultimate Research Day Challenge……

How to participate (here’s a step by step)

Step 1: Register for a Cochrane Account as a supporter. If you already have a Cochrane Account, skip this step. You may do this anytime at your convenience.

Register Here

Step 2: Register to join the Ultimate Research Day Challenge. Our registration booths are open during lunch hour at Sepoy Café from 6 to 7 April 2020. You will then receive an email from Cochrane Classmate asking you to join the challenge.

Step 3: On Challenge Day 8 April 2020 (0000hrs – 2359hrs), log in to Cochrane Crowd using your Cochrane Account and start screening. You may log in and out multiple times during this period to screen. After 2359hrs, the challenge will end and any screening you do will no longer be counted for the challenge.

Step 4: Attend Research Day 2020 to find out if you are one of the top 3 screeners.

Come on, join in the fun!

Dr Tan May Loong

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