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Family medicine has been recognised as essential to achieving universal health coverage for the population. Where once the family physician was a reliable first contact for health concerns, they are now at the frontline of chronic disease management, paediatric and women’s healthcare, family planning, and mental health management.

The establishment of MInTFM is in support of the nation’s goal to have 8,000 more specialists to reach the target of having one specialist for every 4,000 population. The training aims to produce doctors who, on completion of training, will be able to provide the highest quality of primary care to individuals and families in the community.

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Every July

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4 Years

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RM25,000 per year

Malaysia-Ireland Training Programme for Family Medicine (MInTFM) is tailored for medical doctors who aspire to be a Family Medicine Specialist (FMS).


It is managed and delivered by RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) using the Irish College of General Practice (ICGP) curriculum and assessment. The programme delivers a curriculum specifically adapted for the Malaysian context.

Training is conducted in local schemes and has flexibility in delivery- with adherence to the national curriculum & assessments.

The programme is taught & supervised by Industry Professionals who consist of Family Medicine Specialists & Consultants.

Our candidates undertake two years in hospital practice and two years in Family Medicine clinics within the same scheme.

Our schemes are based in:

  • Penang (serving Northern Corridor)
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Johor

RM25,000 / year

Deposit Payment

RM 10,000

Instalment Payment

RM 6,000 every quarter ( 3 months ) X 15 payments = Total RM 90,000

Refund Policy

RM 6,000 will be refunded from the deposit if the student decides to withdraw from the programme within 2 weeks of commencement.

* Fees include ICGP Assessment Exams

Candidates are eligible for financial assistance when enrolling into MInTFM.

Discover your funding options below and check on your eligibility:

Federal Training Grant awarded by Ministry of Health Malaysia to potential medical officers who wish to pursue their Master’s Degree or Specialty Training in Malaysia.

More information can be found at

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) will offer education loans to Bumiputera doctors who are qualified to further their studies to the specialist level.

For more information, log on to

You can choose to withdraw your savings from Account 2 to help finance your education at any approved institutions locally or abroad.

Learn more

Candidates can apply for education loans from banks such as Affin Bank and more.

  • Completed internship and be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).
  • The application process follows a centralised and structured procedure through MInTFM panel.
  • Structured application is assessed and scored based on 3 criteria:
    • Qualifications & Awards
    • Career Progression
    • Research / Quality Improvement

Candidates are scored based on the application (20%) and the interview (80%) and ranked against all other candidates.

Ineligible candidates are removed at the application stage.

The ranking determines both the offer of a place and choice of location of the training scheme.

  • Before starting your online application, you are required to download and fill in the form below.

Application Form

  • After completing the form, you may proceed to apply via our online portal.

Start Application

  • Please review the details of your application before you click on the ‘Finalise Submission’ button.
  • Please note you will not be able to amend your application form once it has been submitted.
  • You may refer to the guideline below to submit a complete application.

Instructions to Applicant

  • Please check that you have uploaded all relevant documents and that they are legible.
  • A checklist of possible documents to upload is given, but it is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary documentation is uploaded.
  • Marks will be awarded for fully completed applications with all required supporting documents in legible format by the closing date.


Delivery of the programme is conducted:

  • Using the ICGP curriculum that is specifically adapted for the Malaysian setting.
  • For 4 years:
    • Years 1 & 2: Hospital training posts
    • Years 3 & 4: Supervised positions within primary care clinics
  • Under the supervision of accredited Family Physician (FP) Trainers, who are exclusively trained for the role.
  • Using innovative blended learning tools that combines in-person workshops, online classes, content & assessment tools.
  • Using an advanced Online Learning Environment (OLE) platform, that facilitates a range of blended residency programme functions & trainee supports.

You are expected to fulfil two of the following requirements before applying for registration on the National Specialist Register.

MICGP Examination

A criterion-referenced examination that consists of three parts :

  • Core Knowledge Test Module (CKT)
  • Modified Essay Question Module (MEQ)
  • Clinical Competency Test (CCT)

Satisfactory Completion of Training

A Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Family Medicine Training that allows entry onto the National Specialist Register to be issued by RUMC on condition of notification by the training scheme of Satisfactory Completion of Training.

The application for recognition of the programme by the National Specialist Register is underway.

Download MInTFM Frequently Asked Questions here.


Nothern Region:

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Scheme Director
Northern Region

Master’s Degree in Family Medicine (UKM)
BSc Med Science (Scotland)
MBChB (Scotland)

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Assistant Scheme Director
Northern Region


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Dr Saodah Hashim

Assistant Scheme Director
Northern Region

Central Region:

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Dr Azah Binti Abdul Samad

Scheme Director
Central Region

MD (UKM), MMED (Family Medicine) (UM)

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Assistant Scheme Director
Central Region

Medical Doctor (MD)(UKM)
Masters in Family Medicine (UKM)

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Dr Sathya Rao Jogulu

Assistant Scheme Director
Central Region

M.B.B.S (IMU), Masters of Family Medicine [M.Med (Fam Med)] (UKM)

3 Essential Components of MInTFM

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The Hospital Component

  • First two years of general practice take place in a hospital setting under the direction of the Training Scheme.
  • Requirement: A broad range of experience of over at least 4-6 different disciplines relating to Family Medicine.
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The Training Clinic Component

  • Each Family Physician (FP) trainee is allocated to a primary care clinic, under the supervision of a trainer.
  • Trainee’s experience under this component is essential for their development as a competent FP.
  • The trainee learns to appreciate the needs and demands of Family Medicine and how it differs from hospital practice.
  • Substantiates the principles of primary care and a high standard of care delivered by the FP.
  • Relationship between trainer and trainee is integral for a satisfactory educational experience.

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The Education Component

  • An essential, integral & central component of the training process.
  • Facilitated by the Scheme Directing Team in a small group format.
  • Augmented by live virtual classrooms and self-paced online learning modules.
  • Takes place over the full 4-year period of training.


Dr Sri Wahyu Taher is a Consultant Family Medicine Specialist (FMS) at Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Kuala, Alor Setar Kedah, Malaysia since 2012.

  • She became an FMS in 2000 after achieving a Master’s Degree in Family Medicine from National University Malaysia (UKM).
  • She received BSc Med Science from St Andrews University Scotland
  • MBChB from Glasgow University Scotland.
  • Fellowship training in Chronic Disease Management Primary Care in Monash University, Clayton Victoria Australia.

Current posts and positions

  • Head of Clinic & Consultant Family Medicine Specialist Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Kuala Alor Setar – MOH Malaysia
  • Head of Clinical Research Centre Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Kuala Alor Setar – MOH Malaysia
  • Current Position – Consultant Family Medicine Specialist Gred Khas C since 2015
  • Sub-specialty in Chronic Disease Management Primary Care (Diabetes, Hypertension & CVD)
  • Special interest area – Palliative Care – Committee National Strategic Plan for Palliative Care Malaysia – MOH
  • Head of NCD Kedah _ MOH
  • Part Time Lecturer AIMST University Kedah since 2008
  • Northern Scheme Director – Parallel Pathway Specialty Training – Malaysia Ireland Training Program in Family Medicine (MINT FM) since 2019

Current position district Kota Setar & Kedah State

  • Head of Clinical Services Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Kuala
  • Head of Family Medicine District Kota Setar
  • Head of NCD program Kota Setar & Kedah
  • Chairman on Kumpulan Sokongan Immunisasi PKD Kota Setar
  • Head of MCH training Kota Setar
  • Head of NCD training Kota Setar
  • Head of Diabetes Educator training Kota Setar & Kedah
  • Head of Wound Care Team Kota Setar
  • Head of Perkhidmatan Perawatan Domisiliary Team Kota Setar
  • Head of CME program Kota Setar
  • Head of Clinical Research Primary Care District & Kedah
  • Head of Hospice Team in Collaboration with PPD Kota Setar & Kedah
  • Head of Pre Pregnancy Care Services in Primary Care Clinics Kota Setar and Kedah
  • Head of Quit Smoking Services in Primary Care Clinics Kota Setar and Kedah
  • Contributor to the development committee Garispanduan Kumpulan Sokongan Immunisasi
  • Development Committee and Trainer for Diabetes Educator Module Kedah
  • Supervisor & Trainer for ADDC – Sekolah Latihan Penolong Pegawai Perubatan Alor Setar (MA School) / ILKKM
  • Contributor to the development committee Kedah Obstetrics and Gynaecology Protocol 2017 (Chapter Diabetes In Pregnancy)
  • District Specific Approach (DSA) Project Head
  • Technical Committee for Wound Care in Primary Care Kedah
  • Technical Committee for Pain 5 Vital Sign Kota Setar and Kedah

Current position at Ministry of Health Malaysia / National level

  • NDR reporting committee 2013-2015
  • Curriculum Development Committee for Advance Diploma Diabetes Care for paramedics
  • CPG Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Management – Updates 2020
  • Reviewer for Rhino sinusitis CPG
  • Reviewer for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus CPG
  • Reviewer for Otitis Media with Effusion CPG
  • Reviewer for Bronchial Asthma CPG
  • Reviewer for CPG Diabetes Foot Ulcer 2018
  • Reviewer for manuscript submitted to MFP, MPHJ and MJM
  • External reviewer for My-FIT guideline (Forum for Injection Technique Malaysia)
  • National Trainer for Immunization Training
  • National Trainer for Module NCD for paramedics KKM
  • National Trainer for CPG Type 2 DM 2015
  • National Trainer for CPG Type 1 DM 2015
  • National Trainer for Cancer Pain Management CPG
  • National Trainer for Domiciliary Program KKM
  • Research Collaborator with UMMC on Men’s Health
  • Research Collaborator with UPM on Epidemiological Study on Emotional Impact Among Diabetes Patients Kedah (EDIPEQS)
  • National Trainer for Steno Reach Certificate Course collaboration with IKU & Steno Denmark (SRCC)
  • National Trainer Diabetes Conversation Map IDF (Malaysia & International)
  • Development Committee for Cancer Pain Management CPG
  • Contributor / writer for NHMS 2011 / 2015 report
  • National Specialist Registry – member since 2008
  • Member of Academy of Family Physician – member since 2016
  • Contributor to Primary Care Referral Guide Book
  • Contributor to Handbook of Family Medicine
  • Contributor to Screening Guidelines in Primary Care
  • Contributor to Perinatal Care Manual MOH
  • Contributor to Manual NCD Paramedics MOH
  • Member and trainer for the Academy of Science and Continuing of Education in Diabetes (ASCEND) – Educator & faculty
  • Course Director FMS Endocrine Workshop 2019
  • Reviewer for Acromegaly in Primary Care Handbook
  • Reviewer Handbook Peadiatric Palliatie Care
  • National Technical Committee Peadiatric Palliative Care MOH Malaysia
  • Taskforce Public Private Partnership with AFPM

Current contribution through NGOs

  • President – Family Medicine Specialists Association Malaysia (Augsut 2018 till now)
  • Vice President – Family Medicine Specialists Association Malaysia (2014 – July 2018)
  • Vice Chairman – FMS Conference Pulau Pinang (2017), Ipoh (2018) & Kuching (2019)
  • Chairman Persatuan Hospice Kedah (Hospice Society Kedah) since 2017 – Development of Home Care Program for terminally ill cancer patients in Kedah and integration of the program with Domiciliary Services Ministry of Health Malaysia & Bulletin Hospice contributor.
  • Malaysian Hospice Council Executive Committee 2020-2022
  • Chairman Diabetes Malaysia Cawangan Kota Setar since 2014 – Development of One Stop Diabetes Centre in KK Simpang Kuala, support group and DCM training. Collaborate with the primary health clinics in Wound Management. Bulletin contributor 2007 till now
  • Online Module Development Committee on COPD – FMSA
  • Online Module Development Committee on Diabetes Mellitus – FMSA
  • Type 2 Diabetes CPG 2020 Development Committee – FMSA & MEMS

Publications / Write ups / Free paper Submissions

  • 16 publications 2006 – 2016

Recent publications 2017-2020:

  • Barriers to implementing a national health
    screening program for men in Malaysia: An online survey of healthcare providers – 2020
  • Berita MMA – July 2020
  • MHC Congress Alor Setar 2018 – Poster on Domiciliary Services KK Simpang Kuala
  • Family Medicine Scientific Conference Penang 2018 – Poster Submission & accepted on INTERVENTION DIABETES PROGRAM KK SIMPANG KUALA & QUIT SMOKING SERVICES KK SIMPANG KUALA – WHAT HAVE WE ACHIEVED?
  • Family Medicine Scientific Conference Kuching 2019 – Oral presentation – EDIPEQS ON DEPRESSION SCALE & Poster Presentation – EDIPEQS ON QUALITY OF LIFE SCALE
  • Primary Care Referral Guidelines – FMSA Publication
  • Consensus Guide to Adult Health Screening for General Population Attending Primary Care Clinics – FMSA Publication – 2019
  • Primary Care Protocol – FMSA Publication 2019
  • National Strategic Plan for Palliative Care Services Malaysia – MOH Malaysia – 2019
  • Family Medicine Scientific Conference Kuching 2019 – Pneumococcal Vaccine Practices in Kedah – poster
  • Pediatric Palliative Care Strategic Plan Malaysia – 2020 – Developing Committee

Research Status

  • Completed 15 ISR – 2 Phase 3 trial / 13 Phase 4 trial

Clinical Trials / Study 2018-2020:

  • An international non-interventional prospective cohort study to evaluate the safety of treatment with Levemir® (insulin detemir) in pregnant women with diabetes mellitus- Diabetes Pregnancy Registry – EVOLVE – NN 304-4016 (ISR) – completed September 2019
  • DISCOVER: DISCOVERing Treatment Reality of Type 2 Diabetes in Real World Settings” – D1690R00002 (ISR) – completed September 2019
  • Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) protocol submission stage – Epidemiological Study on Impact of Diabetes and Emotions (EDIPEQS) – collaboration with UPM – completed January 2019
  • Men’s Health Study – BSSK Screening – IIR – Collaborate with UMMC (2019)
  • Prevalence of BP Control And Its Association With Guideline Adherence Among HPT Patients Managed At Health Clinic – IIR – 2017
  • “Assessment of Asthma control level in Primary Care Setting in Malaysia: ASCOPE. A prospective observational multi-center study to assess the level of asthma control at government health clinics (Klinik Kesihatan) in Malaysia.” of Protocol with reference number: D2287R00120 – completed May 2019
  • A prospective epidemiological study of women as of 24 weeks of pregnancy, and their infants up to 1 year of age, to describe maternal, fetal and neonatal outcomes, pregnancy-related and neonatal/infant events of interest and the occurrence in neonates/infants of RSV LRT (PEONI STUDY) – September 2019 & on going
  • Happy Tummy Project Collaboration with UMMC – from 2018 and completed July 2019
  • Zika Prevalence Study Among Pregnant Woman Kedah – 2018 and completed Jun 2019
  • SABINA Study (BA) – August – October 2019
  • BURN OUT Study – COVID 19 collaboration with UPM

Current international position

  • Expert trainer – Diabetes Conversation Map – IDF
  • Expert Diabetes Educator – Academy for Science and Continuing Education in Diabetes – ASCEND
  • Lead facilitator – Steno Reach Certificate Course – STENO Denmark / IKU Malaysia
  • Member of WONCA Asia Pacific since 2018 – President FMSA Malaysia from 2018 till 2022

Current professional body registration

  • Medical License / ID Number: 29837 Full Malaysian Medical Council / Registration Number since 1993
  • National Specialist Registry: 125303 (since 5 April 2008 – 2022)
  • Academy Family Physician Malaysia: 0-3555 (since December 2015)

Excellent Awards Achievement

  • Excellent Service Awards KKM – 2001
  • Excellent Soft Skills Award JKN Kedah – 2005
  • Excellent Service Award KKM – 2008
  • Breastfeeding Exemplary Award (Anugerah Tokoh Penyusuan Susu Ibu) JKN Kedah – 2012
  • Bakti Cemerlang Kedah (BCK) from the DYMM Sultan of Kedah – 2010
  • Excellent Service Award KKM – 2013
  • Tokoh Diabetes Kedah – 2016
  • Research Personality Award – 2018
  • Excellent Service Award KKM – 2018
  • Nominated for the “Wanita Paling Berpengaruh dalam Bidang Kewangan Islam – WOMANi 2019” Khadijah International WAQF (L) Foundation

Other Special Interests

  • Palliative Care in Community
  • Diabetes Wound Care and Cancer Wound Care in Community
  • Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Teaching / Guiding / Training in Diabetes


Dr Azah Binti Abdul Samad is currently the Scheme Director for central region for the Malaysian Ireland training programme for family medicine (MInTFM). She earned her medical degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia before pursuing her higher specialist training in Family Medicine in University Malaya. She has worked at various states as a Family Medicine Specialist and currently working at Shah Alam Seksyen 7 Health Clinic. Having a passion for training, she is involved in postgraduate training and is appointed as honorary lecturer to at least 3 local public universities. Dr. Azah has keen interest in the field of travel medicine focusing on pilgrim health and have been part of the Haji Medical mission for numerous times. She also helps conducts simulation exercises for infectious disease control activities. Being one of the national Family medicine profession committee members, Dr Azah contributes and is responsible for ensuring the development of the family medicine fraternity are in tandem to the nation’s needs.


  • MD (University Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  • Mmed, Family Medicine (University Malaya)


  • Pilgrims health
  • Infectious disease


  • Member of Specialty Education Subcommittee (SSC-Edu) Family Medicine, Specialty Education Committee, Medical Education Committee (MEC), Malaysian Medical Council (MPM)
  • Member of the National family medicine profession committee
  • Member of the National Enhanced Primary Health care (EnPHC) Project Committee


Recent key publications are:

  1. “Malaysia Health Sector Response to COVID-19 Pandemic” E-book.
  2. Norita Hussein, Tun Firzara Abdul Malik, Hani Salim, Azah Samad, Nadeem Qureshi, Chirk Jenn Ng. Is family history still underutilised? Exploring the views and experiences of primary care doctors in Malaysia. J Community Genet 11, 413–420 (2020).
  3. Rafidah Mohd Rafie, Zuhra Hamzah, Harlina Halizah Siraj, Azah Abdul Samad, Chai-Eng Tan. Decision on Article – Menstrual Suppression Practice: Menstrual Suppression Practice Among Female Malaysian Pilgrims (2018-4-5) International Medical Journal Of Malaysia (IMJM)
  4. Sajaratulnisah Othman, Choo Wan Yuen, Norhasmah Mohd Zain, Azah Abdul Samad. Exploring Intimate Partner Violence Among Women Attending Malaysian Primary Care Clinics. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 1–22 © The Author(s) 2019 Article reuse guidelines:
    DOI: 10.1177/0886260519839426.
  5. Malaysia Ireland Training Programme Curiculum for Family medicine (MInTFM) @ The Authors. In collaboration with ICGP, iHeed (Dublin), RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus
  6. Pilgrim Health Examination Guidelines Edition 8 – Ministry of health & Lembaga Tabung Haji: 2019
  7. Muslimah Yusof, Azah Abdul Samad, Maisarah Omar & Noor Ani Ahmad. Unplanned Pregnancy and Its Associated Factors. Journal of Health Science; Vol. 10, No. 8; 2018 ISSN 1916-9736 E-ISSN 1916-9744. Online Published: July 25, 2018


Born on 31th of July 1965 in Melaka, Malaysia, she was educated in Malaysia obtained Masters Degree in Family Medicine in the year 2005 in National University of Malaysia, married with 5 children.

After obtaining her medical degree, she works as houseman in Muar Hospital and then working in Hospital Kuala Lumpur in many different department including Outpatient, General medicine, Nephrology, Ent, Heamatology, Dermatology, Neurology, Respiratory (Institute Perubatan Respiratori), Cardiology (National Heart Institute), Gen Medicine , Accident & Emergency Deparment, Opd( outpatient Department)- mainly under Medical Rotation.

After obtaining her Master Degree in Family Medicine, and working as Family Medicine Specialist. she has a passion & interest in cardio metabolic and the elderly topic . She also in great pleasure ,keen to teach students or junior/young doctors and constantly endeavors to make their learning experience meaningful with good outcomes.

She also involved with relevant committee to ensure family medicine fraternity are relevant for future growth of primary care in Malaysia.

She was awarded as K.M.N ( Kesatria Mangku Negara) by Yang di Pertuan Agong in november 2019.


Medical Doctor (MD), UKM
Masters in Family Medicine, UKM


Her publications including:

Post Natal Depression: Malaysia ASPIRE Project (Fasa 2) BMJ May 14, 2018
Efficacy and long term Safety of a dengue Vaccine in Regions of Endemic Disease in Asia The New England Journal of Medicine July 27, 2015
Skin prick Test Reactivity to common Aeroallergens among patients with Rhinitis American Journal of Research Communication Vol 1(3) HUKM Jan 2013
Validation Study of Adolescence Health Screening Tool Public Health Institute, Ministry Of Health Kuala Lumpur April 9, 2008
Writing on National Health Morbidity Survey III Report (NHMS III) – Report on Physical Disability at Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Public Health Institute, Ministry Of Health, Kuala Lumpur August 29, 2008


2005: Medical Degree (MD) – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

2017: Master in Medicine (Family Medicine) – Universiti Sains Malaysia


House Officer Hospital Alor Setar Paediatric / O&G / Surgery / Medical 2006 – 2007
Medical Officer Klinik Kesihatan Lubuk Merbau, Kedah Health Clinic 2007
Medical Officer Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Nerang, Kedah Health Clinic 2008 – 2012
Masters Trainee Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Paediatric / O&G / Surgery / Medical / ENT / Opthalmology / Dermatology / Psychiatry / A&E 2012 – 2015
Masters Trainee Klnik Kesihatan Labok, Machang, Kelantan Health Clinic 2016
Masters Trainee Klnik Kesihatan Bandar Alor Setar Health Clinic 2017
Gazettement Klinik Kesihatan Tunjang, Kedah Health Clinic 2017
Family Medicine Specialist Klinik Kesihatan Bongawan, Papar, Sabah Health Clinic 2018
Family Medicine Specialist Klinik Kesihatan Datuk Kumbar Health Clinic May 2019 till now



  1. A Study on The Proportion of Unsuccessful Exclusive Breastfeeding and Its Associated Factors Among Healthcare Providers in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (2017)


  1. Unsuccessful Exclusive Breastfeeding and Associated Factors among the Healthcare Providers in East Coast, Malaysia; Korean Journal of Family Medicine (2020)


Regularly involves in CME sessions


  1. Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia (PDM)
  2. Persatuan Hospis Kedah (PHK)
  3. Persatuan Pakar-pakar Perubatan Keluarga


  1. Women’s Health
  2. Infectious Diseases