RCSI or UCD Structured MD 


An MD requires candidates, who have already obtained MB BCh BAO degrees, to attend and carry out research under appropriate RUMC and either RCSI or UCD supervision for a minimum of two years full-time.
OverviewFeesEntry RequirementsHow to Apply
  • Candidates must have an RCSI or UCD supervisor with whom they have agreed the topic for their thesis and the logistical details for their candidature, for example, start date, location for initial research training and so on.
  • Candidates pay EU fees each year until they submit their thesis and are allowed a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years from initial registration to complete their degree. Students who take more than four years full-time must re-apply for registration.
  • All students submit annual written reports and present their work in an oral presentation and interview. Students can only progress to MD after a satisfactory progress assessment at the end of the probationary first year.
  • All MD candidates complete a written thesis on their project which is submitted to one external examiner and one internal examiner* for examination as per institution’s academic regulations. Following the recommendation of the examiners, including successful completion of an oral (viva voce) examination at RCSI or UCD with an independent chair present, an MD may be awarded.
RESEARCH FEES 2017 – 2018

NOTE: It is the postgraduate’s responsibility to register each year prior to submission of their thesis. Failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification from degree programme.

MD, MCh, MAO Full-time (Euro (€)):

RCSI: €4,340

UCD: € 4,600

MD, MCh, MAO Part-time (Euro (€)):

RCSI: €2,170

UCD: €2,305

NOTE: An additional NUI fee of €45 per year applies for years 1 to 3. Please contact the RCSI or UCD Fees Office if you have any queries regarding the payment of fees. Please note that fees increase by ~5% per annum.

  • Candidates must have MB BCh BAO degrees or equivalent. (eligible for full registration as a medical doctor with the Irish Medical Council). You must have conducted research for a minimum of two years full-time. The MD can be awarded, after a minimum of 3 years from the award of the above degrees.
  • Candidates who do not speak English as their first language must have a high standard of written and spoken English.  You can submit IELTS or equivalent English language test scores (for both written and spoken English) e.g. TOEFL, Cambridge, etc. An IELTS score of 7.0 is desirable, but scores > 6.5 are acceptable.
Applications to register are made through the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus.
  • Download Proposal template: RUMC PhD or MD Application Form
  • The form should initially be submitted to the RUMC Registrar (david@rcsiucd.edu.my) who will forward the application to RCSI or UCD after preliminary review.