Visa Requirements (Malaysia)

RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus has a long history of delivering world-class programmes to a diverse range of international students. The expert support team at the University will provide you with all the advice and guidance that you need to manage your immigration requirements. Below is a general overview of some of those requirements.

International students arriving in Malaysia are subject to immigration regulations. After acceptance of an offer, our Student Affairs team will assist international students in their application of Student Pass and visa (if required) through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

EMGS is a Malaysian Government agency and is regarded as the official gateway to studying in Malaysia. All international student applications are made through this gateway.

International students can also obtain the assistance of the Student Services in Dublin in their visa application (if required) before their arrival in Penang for the clinical years.

Students must submit all the necessary documents to apply for Student Pass to the RUMC Student Affairs team six (6) months before arrival in Penang.

The following must be supplied:

  • 1 copy of Letter of Offer from the University
  • 4 recent passport-sized photographs
  • 4 copies of ALL pages of passport certified in accordance with requirements
  • The passport must be valid for at least 12 months from the expected date of entry
  • Academic and other certificates certified as a true copy by the institution issuing the document or a commissioner of oaths, notary public or lawyer
  • Personal Bond Payment (held by RUMC)

Payment for the following:

  • EMGS Visa Processing Fee RM1,000
  • Medical screening fee RM250
  • Immigration Fees e.g. Student Pass and multiple entry visa fee
  • Medical Insurance Premium (Download more information here.)

Upon arrival in Malaysia

  • Original passport to be submitted to the College on arrival
  • Attend medical screening within 7 working days from the date of entry
  • EMGS or PMC will obtain the endorsement of the Pass for you once you have completed the Medical Screening.

Entry Visa

Nationals of some countries must apply for an entry visa before arriving in Malaysia. This is a different application from your Student Pass. You will need to take your Visa Approval Letter along with your other travel documents to the Malaysian embassy nearest to you. For more accurate and up-to-date information on the visa requirements, you are advised to contact the Malaysian High Commission/Embassy/Consulate in the country concerned. If your country does not have a Malaysian consular representative please contact the nearest Malaysian Mission for further advice.

Personal Bond Fees

Malaysian Immigration requires the University to sign a Personal Bond on behalf of the student, binding RUMC for the said sum. In order to comply with this requirement, students are required to lodge with the University the said sum for the purpose of the personal bond. The bond money will be returned to the student after completion of or upon withdrawal from his / her programme of study, on condition that there is no violation of any provisions of the Immigration Ordinance 1959 (F.M. 12 of 1969 (and Immigration Regulations, 1963 – F.L.N 228 / 63).

Bond fees can reviewed by country here.

Rules and Regulations

  • Students who need to renew their student pass have to apply to the International Student Services two months before the expiry date. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that the Student Pass is valid and to submit all the required documents on time to renew the Student Pass.
  • Students must attend classes regularly. Absence from class for more than 3 days must be substantiated with a medical certificate. Students must have at least 80% attendance for all subjects.
  • International students who leave the state or country for holidays or for any other purpose must inform International Student Services of their contact address or telephone number where they can be reached in case of emergency.
  • International students must inform the University of any change in permanent and current address, contact no, passport no., etc.
  • International students are not allowed to seek employment while studying (except those with a valid Work Permit).
  • International students will have to abide by all general rules and regulation of RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (formerly RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus).
  • A Student Pass may be withdrawn or cancelled if the student fails in his/her studies or contravenes regulations of University or the Malaysian government.
  • All students must have medical insurance coverage throughout their stay in Malaysia.