Admissions Procedure

When to apply

  • You can apply using your forecast or actual result.
  • The period of application begins as early as October of the year before. For example, apply from October 2019 using your forecast result for the intake 2020.
  • For Australian Matriculation students, apply with your actual results in December 2019 for 2020 intake.
Medical Eligibility for Admission
Admission to the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) medical programme follows the Malaysian Medical Council’s guideline on Blood-Borne Viral Infections.

“Persons found to be living with HIV or hepatitis shall not be admitted to the medical course and should be appropriately counselled about an alternate course of studies. Students found to be living with HIV or hepatitis diagnosed while undergoing the medical course, in whatever year of study, shall be counselled and removed from continuing with their study. Exceptions may be considered for students found to be HIV or hepatitis positive in their final year of the medical course to allow them to complete the course and sit for the final examination. Their subsequent training as houseman and employment will follow procedures listed in section 4. Counselling may include the student undergoing a non-medical course of study in which there is no direct physical contact with the public.”

For more information see

  • You may apply online here.
  • You may choose to seek assistance from placement offices in major colleges, or education agents around Malaysia and Thailand to help you apply online. Please check with your respective placement offices.
The following should be enclosed:

  1. Certified copies of all relevant examination records, certificates and full academic transcripts of any university studies, all duly certified by the school authorities.
  2. Confidential Statement by the referee.
  3. Medical Report by your Physician and a certified copy of Hepatitis B Blood Test Report.
  4. Certified copy of Birth Certificate, Identification Card (IC) and Passport.
  5. Passport sized digital photographs, with your name as the file name.
Application Fee
The application fee has been waived for the 2020 intake.
If you choose to apply with hardcopy forms, completed forms should be mailed to:
RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (formerly RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus)
Admissions Office
4 Jalan Sepoy Lines, 10450 Penang, Malaysia

Tel:+604-217 1999
Fax: 604-228 7272

Applicants will be invited to an interview after the application is received and processed. Interviews typically take place from October onwards. For this reason, it is essential that applications are submitted in advance and on time.

Applicants who hold pre-university qualifications that meet our minimum requirements will be invited for an interview. The interview is designed to assess English-language competency, communication skills, maturity, motivation, involvement in extra-curricular activities and suitability for a medical career.

Students will be informed of the preferred method of the interview (face-to-face or online) and arranged accordingly after the application forms and all other necessary documents have been submitted and processed.

Interview Outcomes
There are 4 outcomes following the interview;

  1. Candidates may be issued with a Firm Offer (if final examination results are available).
  2. Candidates may be issued with a Conditional Offer (if final examination results are not yet available, i.e. the offer is conditional on achieving specific results which will be detailed in the offer letter).
  3. Candidates may be placed on a Waitlist.
  4. Candidates will be issued with a Regret letter to indicate that they have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place.

Successful candidates are advised to read all literature carefully and reply by the stated deadline.

Commencement of Terms

  • September (beginning of the academic year)