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Foundation in Science

The Foundation in Science (FIS) programme is a comprehensive Pre-U pathway that prepares you for the study of Medicine or similar degree programme in renowned universities worldwide.

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Pre-Medical Foundation

The Pre-Medical (Pre-Med) Foundation Year (FY) is an alternative pathway into our Medicine programme. It consists of a series of stand-alone and integrated modules with a modularised assessment that provides students with a solid grounding in biomedical sciences.

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The 5-year Medicine programme is delivered transnationally – beginning with comprehensive pre-clinical training in Dublin followed by extensive clinical training in Penang.

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MSc (Health Research)

This is a postgraduate programme jointly offered by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and RUMC. You will be conferred a Master of Science degree in Health Research upon successful completion of entirety.

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MSc (Public Health)

This is a full-time 1-year postgraduate programme offered by University College Dublin (UCD) and RUMC for those planning to pursue relevant careers locally or internationally.

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Malaysia-Ireland Training Programme for Family Medicine (MInTFM) is tailored for medical doctors who aspire to be a Family Medicine Specialist (FMS).

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RCSI Surgical Training & Research

Other available RCSI examinations, courses and research such as The RCSI Membership Examination (MRCS), Joint Surgical Colleges’ Fellowship Examination (JSCFE) and The Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course(BSSC).

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We are committed to rewarding students of excellent academic achievements and have strong passion for the study of Medicine with our Scholarships.

Find out more about the available scholarships below.

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Explore our campuses, each designed to provide a high-quality learning environment for students to meet the complex needs of their future patients.

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Alumni Stories

My passion in this field has only grown stronger throughout my journey in RUMC, and I am glad I chose Medicine as my lifelong career.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Olivia Wong Yan Qi (Class of 2020)

I grew up idolising my parents as they are both doctors. Throughout my life, I have met many people whom my parents have treated and helped – which eventually inspired me to do the same.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Melvinder Singh (Class of 2020)

The arrival of this day (conferring) has proven that perseverance is the key to success, and I am glad that I had not given up as I am now able to better serve society.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Yeung Chun Yu (Class of 2020)

I have always wanted to become a doctor as I was greatly drawn towards the humanitarian aspect of the profession. Having parents who are doctors indirectly fueled my passion for it as well.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Halima Haruna Mshelia (Class of 2020)

I believe my experience at RUMC shaped me into the woman I am today. I’ve become more resilient, enduring and compassionate – all the qualities that would make a well-rounded and competent doctor.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Oloruntunmike Otitolola Adetona (Class of 2019)

The transnational Medicine programme at RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus is a valuable opportunity to experience the best of both worlds in medical education. The exposure of both European and Malaysian academics, complemented by their teaching style widened my perspective, and of course, enabled me to communicate effectively with everyone.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Zainal Adwin (Class of 2019)

I chose RUMC to do my medical degree because I wanted the best of both worlds’ experience. RUMC’s transnational programme has helped me in gaining a global exposure in medical education. Being a doctor, social skills are equally important to communicate with patients and my experience in Ireland has definitely helped to build my communication skills with people from various backgrounds.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Ashween Kaur (Class of 2012)

I chose RUMC because it provides an internationally-recognised medical degree conferred by the National University of Ireland (NUI). I had an amazing pre-clinical experience in Dublin for 2 ½ years as it was my first time being away from home too. Throughout these years, I have improved my time management skill, learnt to be more independent, made lifelong friends and ultimately found a home away from home.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Yong Ji Fung (Class of 2019)

RUMC became an obvious option. The medical degree is recognised in major English-speaking countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

RUMC Alumni testimonial divider

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong (Class of 2011)
Ophthalmologist, New Zealand and
multiple award-winner

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