Praveena Mahadevan

What is your name and what are you studying in RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus?
My name is Praveena Mahadevan and I am a Fourth Year medical student in RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus.

Why did you choose to study in RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus?
One of the reasons I choose to come here was that I wanted to go overseas but I also wanted to be close to home as well. Given the cost of having to go overseas for the entire time meant that it balanced out quite well.

What were the benefits of your undergraduate pre-clinical training at RCSI?
I actually really enjoyed my time there. If I had a choice I would definitely want to go back there again. The thing about RCSI is that when you go there and first join a class, you are not in a class with just Irish people. There is such an international mix there that you don’t feel like an outsider. The college has an excellent reputation for education. The class was quite large compared to here in Penang but a tutor was assigned to every 10 students in the year. Meeting with your tutor is mandatory. I found my tutor very attentive and met with her a lot. I got to know her quite well and consider her more of a friend than a lecturer.

Did you make any lifelong friends at RCSI?
That’s funny you should ask, I was just messaging some of them there. Some of my best friends are now from Ireland, Jordan, Kenya and other countries.

What was the social life like in Dubiln?
I am very into the arts and there was a lot of events on regularly. This includes comedy events and other shows. I really enjoyed the parks too. There is nothing better than having lunch in Stephen’s Green park on a summers day.

Were the people of Ireland friendly?
They were very friendly and you will meet some interesting characters.

How have you found the program since you’ve come back to RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus?
I definitely missed Ireland at the start. We have much smaller classes and there is an open door policy. I found that I definitely got to know a lot of my lecturers a lot better.

Would you recommend RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus to any prospective students?
If you want to get an education where you can go abroad I would come here. In this college our teachers and lecturers are fantastic. I would definitely recommend this college.