Deenish Muniandy

What is your name and what are you studying in RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus?
My name is Deenish and I have just completed my studies in RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus. I will be conferred this week. I was very lucky to be awarded the best overall student here at the college.

What are the benefits of undertaking your pre-clinical training in Ireland?
I think that is a very difficult question to answer as there is so much to talk about. I would like to focus on why choosing UCD as a college was a very good choice. Aside from medicine, I have a wide variety of interests outside medicine. In UCD we are allowed to take one module every semester that is outside the scope of health sciences. I managed to pursue my interests in film studies, economics and politics throughout my two and half years there. In particular, it gave me a chance to pursue other interests apart from medicine, to interact with people that I wouldn’t have normally and allowed me to grow as a person. This was particularly important for us as Malaysian medical students.

Why did you choose to study medicine?
It was more of calling than a choice. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a doctor. In Malaysian schools you get to write down what you want to be when you grow up, you get three choices but mine was only ever one, a doctor.

How did you find the teachers and academic staff in UCD?
It was an eye opener for me. There is a gap between students and teachers. We had much closer interactions between the students and the lecturers. There was a lot more self-study in Dublin which meant that you had to form a good bond between yourself and your lecturer. You could ask them anything at any time of the day. It was a very healthy learning environment.

Did you enjoy living in Dublin?
I still miss it every day so that should answer your question. After the initial acclimatisation to the weather and the food Dublin became a second home to all of use. The people are warm and friendly. It is a great literary city. I enjoyed Bloomsday. There is something for everyone. There was never a weekend in Dublin where I sat at home thinking what I should do. It was amazing.

What is the quality of the academic program like in Penang to Dublin?
I don’t think it would be fair to compare Penang to Dublin as we did our pre-clinical studies in Dublin and our clinical studies in Penang. I can only speak of the clinical course here in Penang and can say it is on a par with the best in the country. I can say this because of my involvement in other student associations with students from other colleges in Malaysia. I think the teaching here is excellent and has prepared us in the best way possibleto work as doctors.

If you were recommending RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus to prospective students, what would you stay to them?
I’d say you wouldn’t go wrong by coming here. It is small college and there is a very personal intimate feel to it. The teaching is unrivalled. We have some of the best teachers from around the country and around the world teaching here. There are batches of students who are very into what they are doing. It is set on a beautiful island. It is the whole package. Everyone from the administration top down is just so supportive. I would say go for it.

How do you feel that the qualification you receive here will be recognised internationally?
That is also a key factor for students who want to choose RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus. You get the best training here in Malaysia while getting a qualification that will be recognised internationally. In the competitive world of modern medicine, you have to be the best you can. I think getting a degree that is a recognised as one from the National University of Ireland is an incredible advantage.