Professor Stephen Doughty

President & CEO, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus

RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus is proud of its international reputation. Graduates are sought after for employment in Malaysia and globally. Through offering the highest quality undergraduate medical degrees and postgraduate degrees from RCSI and UCD, this unique institution has been producing high-calibre medical graduates with a qualification that is recognised throughout the world for over 20 years.

RUMC’s unique undergraduate medical programme provides two and a half years of pre-clinical training in Ireland at either UCD or RCSI. This international exposure enables our students to both gain medical knowledge and skills from leading international experts in the medical field as well as to develop soft skills and nurture networks of international colleagues that will be invaluable in future years. The programme continues with students returning to Malaysia and pursuing their clinical training in high-quality clinical settings. Teaching continues to be delivered by RCSI and UCD staff and students graduate with a degree from the National University of Ireland – an internationally recognised medical qualification. RUMC’s growing portfolio of postgraduate programmes ensures that further studies are available to meet the needs of practitioners in both the medical and medical-related fields.

The University strives not just to educate, but to effectively transform lives; each student grows and transforms individually, our academics undertake research to transform the lives of the broader society. New initiatives are developed holistically to reach the communities around our campus as well as the region and the world over, to provide support and for the transformation of these communities. Our doctors always lead by example to positively impact the lives of the people they reach and ensure that RUMC plays a role in the transformation of the world around us.

Professor Hannah McGee

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, RCSI

A globally recognised and respected qualification is the building block on which a successful career in medicine begins. As a dedicated health sciences institution, RCSI is wholly focused on developing healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide.

We pride ourselves in providing rigorously evaluated programmes that allow for a common degree award of the National University of Ireland in a number of regions around the world. Graduates of PMC are part of our global network of more than 17,000 alumni, who are highly recognised and much sought after internationally.

RCSI has a long heritage of providing medical education from our home in Dublin since 1784, and in Penang since 1996. We have a unique international perspective with a long tradition of educating students from more than 70 countries at our Dublin campus and more recently at our international campus locations.

We are proud of our strong links to Malaysia, with almost 800 Malaysian students coming to the College in the last decade. Our involvement in the joint programme at PMC (now RUMC) since 1996 was a natural extension of this long-standing relationship and we look forward to continue welcoming RUMC students to our ever-growing worldwide network of healthcare leaders.

Professor Michael Keane

Dean of Medicine,  & Head of School, UCD

UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science is proud of its reputation – shaped and built over the last 150 years – as an international leader in the provision of medical and healthcare education. Our students benefit from an innovative curriculum, access to world-renowned educators, and a network of clinical and educational facilities that is second to none.

Our graduates, including a President of Ireland, the President of UCD, and the current President of the Irish Medical Council, have reached leadership positions in Ireland and across the globe.

We are deeply proud of our longstanding relationship with RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (now RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus), and it has been our great privilege to welcome a new group of PMC (now RUMC) students to Dublin each year. Our student population comprises more than 50 nationalities and this diversity is one of the defining features of life at UCD.

We place community, friendship and support at the heart of our educational ethos. We are driven not just by the desire to provide students with the best possible education, but also by a belief that the doctors of tomorrow benefit from a supportive, collegial environment, in which extra-curricular talents and interests thrive alongside academic excellence.