Family medicine has been recognised as essential to achieving universal health coverage for the population. Where once the family physician was a reliable first contact for health concerns, they are now at the frontline of chronic disease management, paediatric and women’s healthcare, family planning, and mental health management.

With a rising global population and increased life expectancy, family medicine is the key to managing healthcare in the community in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Family Physicians make a difference!

Family medicine specialist training aims to produce doctors who, on completion of training, will be able to provide personal and continuing care to individuals and families in the community. They will also have the management skills and approaches to enable the organisation and delivery of the highest quality primary care.

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Application Deadline: 28 February 2021 (5 pm)


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Malaysian doctors may pursue FMS training using the Irish College of General Practice (ICGP) curriculum and assessment. Managed and delivered by RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC), the programme will deliver a curriculum specifically adapted for the Malaysia context. Delivery of the training will take place in local schemes. Delivery of training for each trainee will take place wholly within one scheme, undertaking both the two years in hospital practice and two years in Family Medicine clinics within the scheme. The local schemes will have flexibility in delivery, whilst ensuring adherence to the national curriculum and assessments. Our first two schemes will be based in:

  • Penang (serving the Northern Corridor)
  • Kuala Lumpur

Applicants must have completed internship and be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council.

The application for this programme follows a centralised structured process through the MInTFM.
A structured application will be assessed and scored based on 3 criteria:

  • Qualifications and Awards
  • Career progression
  • Research/quality improvement

Ineligible candidates are removed at the application stage and all others invited to a structured interview. Candidates are scored based on the application (20%) and the interview (80%) and ranked against all other candidates. The ranking determines both the offer of a place and choice of location of training scheme.


MInTFM will utilise the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) curriculum. The ICGP curriculum defines the learning outcomes for the specialty of family medicine and describes the competences required to practise medicine as a family physician. These characteristics of the discipline of family medicine relate to the abilities that every family doctor should master and are the basis of developing the curriculum for training in Malaysian family medicine.

Course Structure & Delivery

The programme will be delivered:

  • using the ICGP curriculum, specifically adapted for use in Malaysia
  • over a 4-year period: years 1 and 2 in hospital training posts; years 3 and 4 in supervised positions within primary care clinics
  • with supervision by accredited Family Physician Trainers (specifically trained for this role)
  • using innovate blended learning tools (a combination of in-person workshops and online classes, content and assessment tools)
  • using an advanced Online Learning Environment (OLE) platform, facilitating an innovative range of blended residency programme functions and trainee supports.
  • One day release per week
  • Trainees will attend virtual classroom and small group teaching on alternate weeks
  • There is a virtual, interactive medical education platform for each trainee. This contains the curriculum and learning modules as well as log books and assessments.

MICGP Examination
The MICGP Examination is a criterion-referenced examination which consists of three parts: the Core Knowledge Test Module (CKT), the Modified Essay Question Module (MEQ), and the Clinical Competency Test (CCT).Satisfactory Completion of Training
A Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Family Medicine Training which allows entry onto the National Specialist Register will be issued by RUMC on condition of notification by the training scheme of Satisfactory Completion of Training.Application for recognition of this programme by the National Specialist Register is underway.

Download Instructions to Applicant PDF document here.
Download MInTFM Frequently Asked Questions here.